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SAHBA Events for Healthcare Professionals

Updated: Jul 12

Education buys you options, and knowledge supports informed decision-making in your clinical lives and your business, financial, and lifestyle endeavours.

In 2024, SAHBA has a promising lineup of events that promise to deliver valuable insights for healthcare professionals like you. At APS Africa, our collaboration with the PPS initiative through the South African Health Business Academy (SAHBA) has shown us the power of education in unlocking opportunities and aiding in decision-making within your clinical and financial realms.

The 2024 course program is designed to offer substantial value, encompassing themes that cover a spectrum of learning options beneficial for your personal and professional growth. By exploring these learning opportunities, you can enrich your knowledge base and enhance your decision-making capabilities in your clinical practice and financial endeavours.

2024 SAHBA Events






Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban

Registrars moving from public to private health 


Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban

Practitioners already in practice


Johannesburg, Cape Town

The masterclasses are for practitioners who would like to improve in those areas.

Johan and I have been privileged to share our expertise in finance and business growth at various events across South Africa. The overwhelming interest in each event often leads to full-capacity attendance, and this year is poised to continue the trend of sold-out events. This reflects the appetite for practical knowledge and actionable tips that resonate with seasoned professionals in the healthcare industry.

To ensure you don't miss out on these enriching experiences, we urge you to mark your calendar and secure your spot at one of these events near you this year. As a bonus for early birds, we have a promo code to help you enjoy a discount, just enter xxxx when you register, rewarding you for your proactive approach to learning and growth within your field.

We are confident you will find the 2024 course programme of great value; see highlights from previous events.



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