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On Balance - Economic Update 1

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

The purpose of On Balance:

To present a balanced perspective on the economic state of affairs in South Africa.

Dr Roelof Botha discusses two questions:

Where did many of SA’s economic problems emanate from?

Can we do something about this and is there opportunities for us?

• Damage inflicted on the South African economy during the “Zupta” years

• 2017 paradigm shift in the Government’s economic policy

• Private sector role in job creation

• Leading business cycle indicator post COVID

• The recovery of the construction industry

• Sector recovery to pre-covid levels

• De-regulation and elimination of red tape.

Real Per Capita Income 1994-2021 (Income per person in current Rand terms)

How SA compares to other Emerging Markets in terms of Development Drivers



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